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Pursuit Muay Thai clubs are traditional Muay Thai gyms throughout Australia, with state of the art facilities.


We offer a high intensity workout based on the basic to advanced techniques used in Muay Thai, offering classes for those wanting to improve their fitness levels, learn self defence or explore something new, as well as those eager to take their Muay Thai skills to the next level and fight!

All our instructors are experienced, and have a wide range of knowledge in both Muay Thai and general personal training.

We welcome members of all levels and abilities; males, females and children - check out our timetable for more information.



Get a free 7 day all-access pass and start getting fit & having fun today. Spots are limited, so get in quick!

Workout Facility

Our Facilities

Our Methods

Our Classes

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Muay Thai

Often referred to as ‘The Art of Eight Limbs,’ Muay Thai fighters utilize both legs and arms, with the end goal of taking down their opponent.


Each body part serves as its own, individual weapon: fighters’ hands serve as swords, their shins as shields and armor and their elbows and knees as a hammer or axe. 


At Pursuit we offer a full training curriculum giving each participant a learning pathway catering for beginners to Advanced.


Check out our timetable for more information on each one of our Muay Thai Sessions.

Mini Morakots

Our children's program was developed based on 5 key pillars:

1. Create a healthy lifestyle through activity and mate ship. 


2. Acknowledgment that bullying does exists and teach children how to deal with it in a positive manner as well as coping with the stresses attached to the situation. 


3. Cultivation of discipline and respect by giving children an outlet in a controlled environment while understanding the hierarchy of Martial Arts. 


4. Conflict Resolution skills by using Muay Thai as a way to control our body and our mind during moments of anger and fear.

5. Build Self Confidence as it we believe it underpins personal growth.

Mini Morakots 4-9 years

Junior Morakots 10+ years

Fight Team

The vast majority of the Pursuit community are in it to learn something new and build friendships along the way but some do decide that they would like to test themselves in competition.


The Fight Team is an invitation only session for the most advanced practitioners in the gym. If getting into the ring is one of your personal goals then speak to one our trainers and we can certainly work towards it with but… be prepared to work HARD!.

Looking to jump straight into a class?

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